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Lisa MercierGoodwin
Certified Life Coach CPCC, ORSCC


When Lisa was 16 years old she went to see her first motivational speaker Tony Robbins. She followed Tony Robbins, going to all of his workshops and courses that he offered in the U.S. and Canada. Then when she was 23 (1998), he participated in a workshop called "Choices". It was life-changing for her. She volunteered coached for "Choices" for 10 years, until one day someone said to her, "why don't you become a coach?"

The universe lead her to the right or what she felt was the right coaching program. She is a certified ICF (International Coaching Federation). She has been coaching ever since. God has given her the gift to help people through coaching. She's a double-certified life coach (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach - CPCC and Organizational Relationship Systems Certified Coach - ORSCC). Lisa can coach one-on-one, couples or groups. She also has been on a journey for most of her life in self-development with various workshops and courses. She was part of bringing Dr. Stephen Covey's "The 7 Habits" to the public school system in Edmonton.

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